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Yury Yakovlev

Objective Java (Java EE) developer


  • Profound knowledge and 6-year experience with Java. Sun Certified Java Programmer (March 2010, 98%, Java SE 6)
  • Good knowledge of Java EE technologies (Servlets, JSP, EJB, JMS). Experience with Spring, Hibernate, SQL, JDBC. Design patterns.
  • Extensive experience in the full cycle of a  database application development,  involving:
    • conceptual and physical DB design(for MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle)
    • DB schema creation and management(using SQL or Hibernate)
    • DB access layer in the application
  • Basic experience with Stripes MVC, Spring MVC, GWT
  • Experience in development of software systems “from the scratch”(e.g. Coverage Data Finder for my PhD thesis, Supermarket Demo for my Java EE courses)
  • Additional skills include C#, C/C++, Perl and other languages

See detailed skill information in the bottom of this document


12.2009-05.2010            Web startup project “Pozapisi.ru”                            Programmer

Projects Programming languages and technologies Tasks



Stripes MVC framework,

servlets, JSP, Hibernate, Freemarker

  • Dashboard page (with aggregated appointment data)
  • Events/notifications system
  • Profile editor page & various forms
05.2010 Project design draft for web implementation of «MySaloon» application Java



  • Project design for transition of core parts of the existing MFC-based C++ application to AJAX-based user interface + server side logic on Tomcat


01.2008-11.2010            Interactive Brokers Rus                                             Programmer

Orders processing server (ccp) C++, Perl
  • Various features implementation (e.g. new indexing of FIX messages, new conditions triggering, new permissions control format, etc.)

02.2009-06.2009, 11.2010                                                                                 Java EE tutor/consultant

Projects Programming languages and technologies

A course of 7 lecture/prac-tice blocks

Java EE 5 technologies. Servlets, JSP, Application servers (Glassfish 2.1, JBoss 5), EJB 3.0, JPA, JMS, Security, Web Services, REST, CORBA

Courses site:



“Super-market” demo project

EJB 3, JMS, Servlets/JSP, Spring, Spring MVC

The project is deployed online at: http://www.yyakovlev.ru:8081/status.jsp

The source is at http://www.yyakovlev.ru/svn/supermarket

The business layer (EJB 3) handles purchase requests, controls cash desks via JMS. Two web monitoring applications  are based on Spring MVC and plain jsp/servlets.  Multi-thread cash desk emulator is based on Spring.

11.2006-12.2008            FutureTrade Rus (acquired in 2008 by Interactive Brokers)   Programmer

FT Trading System support Java, Ant, JUnit, Spring
  • New storage component for Short Sell Server based on Spring
  • New functions for build system (including automatic servers deployment)
  • MySQL DDL script generation program.
  • JUnit tests set for Messaging classes

08.2003-10.2006            Siemens COM FN (Fixed Networks)                           Java programmer

Worked at hiR200 (Interactive Voice Responder) project. Developed the VoiceXML browser module including DTMF interpreter,  implemented new features (content server redundancy, additional announcements functionality), performed faults corrections (thread unexpected locks, module interaction faults) for the modules of the IVR. Was responsible for production and installation scripts, configuration management (ANT, InstallShield, UNIX shell. ClearCase)

09.2003-06.2006            IFMO University – Postgraduate courses                   Postgraduate

Implemented Coverage data generation system in C# using ANTLR parser. It was the implementation of the improved methods of white-box test data generation, including Pascal source parsing, Control Flow graph and path construction, dynamic program execution and analysis.

09.2001-06.2003            Siemens Business Services , Russia                         Programmer

Worked in projects: “Skills Profile”, “Universal Data Access Manager”, “NLP Engine”. Developed DB structure, SQL queries, Java and C# components for interaction with DB.

01.2001-05.2001            Artificial Life Rus.                                                      Programmer

Worked in “Smart Bot Suite” project. Developed Java utilities; SQL queries for statistics reports.

09.2000–12.2001           Remote Education Center of IFMO university            Programmer

  • Remote Education System Development(Java: GUI, access to the Oracle database)
  • Development of the Web-system for Remote System resources accounting (Perl, Postgres)


2003 – 2006       IFMO postgraduate courses, PhD degree (Candidate of Technical Science).

Directions of investigation: automatic test-data generation for structural coverage in program testing

1997–2003        Saint-Petersburg Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics (Technical University) – IFMO,

Faculty of Computer Technology, Computer Science department. Degree of Master of Technology.

2 years of studies of C/C++, 1 year of studies of Java at the University.

2000-2001         Programming Academy (Courses of Java – 0.5 years, Servlets, JSP, Design Patterns, Oracle – 0.5 years. Graduation project: was CORBA-based distributed application)

Computer skills

Programming, scripting and query languages knowledge:
Java SE 6, SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, C/C++ – advanced

MS Transact-SQL, C#, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Delphi, Perl – good

Frameworks, libraries and technologies:

Hibernate, Spring, Stripes, JSP, Servlets, JMS, EJB, JDBC – good

Application servers:

JBoss4/5, Glassfish 2.1, Tomcat 6.0

Version control and bug tracking:

SVN, CVS, ClearCase. Bugzilla, dotProject, Mantis, TeamCity

Build and testing tools:

Ant – advanced. JUnit – good.

OS experience (as a user):

Windows XP, UNIX-based systems: SunOS, Red Hat Linux, Ubuntu

DB experience (as application developer and database developer):

MySQL 5.0, Java DB (Derby), Oracle 8/8i, MS SQL Server 2000, 2005.



English, Spanish(very good), German(basic)


Music, literature. Genealogical investigations. Travels.